Type 2


Auto Type

Auto Type 2.1 Auto Type Complete words that are typed in windows applications When a matching word his typed a list of words it displayed. Then hitting the TAB key can complete the word or phrase.

Lights Chinese Type  v.

Version 1.1 Update detail: The primary text of the application LightsChineseType is in Chinese. Description: 1. Update keyboard layout to easy type. 2. Add the input control,it feels like the button. 3. Allow to input phone number direct. 4.


DVDate  v.7 1

DVdate is a powerful utility for processing AVI files in general, and specially AVI DV files. It features many useful functions, easy and fast to apply even to a great number of avi files at once.

Progitek WebEMailsCapture  v.2.0

Progitek WebEMailsCapture can help you to extract e-mails from the pages downloaded by the browser or from the hard disk.Progitek WebEMailsCapture Features: 1. Extracts e-mails from a bunch of web sites and multiple files of any type. 2. Merges

SAMContacts  v.1.1.0 Build 1

SAMContacts is a outstanding and easy-to-use contact manager software with some unique features like tag clouds and maps.SAMContacts Features: Typing Filter 1. Search as you type 2. Instant filtering of contacts by : First Name, Last Name, Company 3.

SugarCube  v.

A simple and efficient app to calculate insulin schemes for type 2-diabetic patients. SugarCube calculates insulin requirements based on patient weight and creates basal + nutritional insulin 'sliding scale' schemes. SugarCube supports human regular

Diabetes info monitor  v.

The Diabetes information monitor was constructed by me as a tool to help me keep track of various data important in the control of my type 2 diabetes. Those items include my daily readings, pulse, blood pressure and weight.

WantedNewGuid  v.

( summary ) Camera app to create a safe society In the town, well, I saw a wanted poster posters and find people. Even if I think I want to help, but I do not remember the face. So, I use this app. ( How to use ) 1. Select one of the type 2.

Type2Tracker  v.1.7

Type2Tracker is a Macintosh application designed specifically for people with Type 2 Diabetes.

Gentor 915  v.915.0.9.0

Inspired by R-Type 2/3D space shooter.

Multi Screen Dump  v.

The multi screen dump tool is a stand alone executable and does not require installation. Simply run the MultiScreenDump.exe file and the initial screen capture information message appears.You can use Printscreen to capture a whole screen or use the

HealthEngage Diabetes Multimedia Edition  v.

HealthEngage Diabetes Multimedia Edition is designed as a "one-stop" tool for Type I or Type II diabetics, from education to diabetes tracking to lifestyle management.

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